Some LogoCommunity Legal Services, Inc. (‘CLS’) is a not-for-profit Arizona law firm incorporated in 1952. CLS provides critically needed civil legal help to more than 50,000 persons annually – through legal work, Community OutReach and Education presentations and activities, the development and distribution of educational materials, and through community based partnerships. To promote ‘equal access to justice for all’, CLS provides high-quality legal advice, assistance and advocacy to low-income Arizonans in certain civil legal matters throughout our services areas. Click here to learn more»
Mission Statement
Community Legal Services is committed to eliminating poverty-based inequities in the civil justice system by providing high-quality legal advice, advocacy and assistance to low-income Arizonans. Learn more»
Balancing the Scales
That’s our goal at CLS – balanced scales of justice. We work to deliver on the promise the justice system makes to all people – equal access to justice for all persons, regardless of income. Without equal access to the justice system, there will be no “… justice for all”. Learn more»
We'll be here.
As a promoter of free and equal access to the justice system within our community, CLS pursues aggressive advocacy as the cornerstone of our work on behalf of the disenfranchised, and provides leadership in meeting the challenge of equal justice for all.