Volunteer Your Time

Join the Volunteer Lawyers Program: Rewarding ways to use your legal skills to serve the community.

The Volunteer Lawyers Program arranges and supports a wide range of opportunities for attorneys to have rewarding experiences assisting people with low incomes.  Many require only a few hours of time. VLP provides primary malpractice coverage, screening for financial need, donated services, assessment of legal merit for referrals, and consultants and mentors.  For information about opportunities that fit your interests and schedule, please call or return an enrollment form.  These are some of the ways lawyers work with VLP to increase access to justice for Arizonans with low incomes:

Debt Collection Counseling—various community locations

Attorneys meet with individual low income clients to inform and counsel about debt collection issues.  Also needed are attorneys to provide bankruptcy screening & counseling. Help can be provided by phone, at VLP, or in other locations.  Training and materials available.

Attorney of the Day Intake Interviewers

Attorneys help for 2-3 hours to interview eligible applicants, give brief advice or assistance in appropriate cases, and provide a summary that helps determine if pro bono representation is needed.  Orientation, questionnaires, and reference materials are provided.

Tenants’ Rights Advice Appointments

Attorneys spend 2-3 hours to assist individually in person or by phone several tenants and give information and advice on requesting repairs, defending evictions, seeking return of deposits, getting belongings, etc. VLP provides orientation, observation, and materials.

Family Lawyers Assistance Project (FLAP) Advice & Brief Assistance

Attorneys spend 3 ½ hours providing individual advice or brief assistance to people representing themselves in family law cases.  Issues include divorce, paternity, custody, child support, and domestic violence.  Volunteers receive orientation, opportunities to observe experienced family law attorneys, sample forms, reference materials, CLE discounts, and free CLE training. Opportunities for Volunteers to present Family Law Workshops and seminars for pro se litigants, and Continuing Legal Educaiton Classes for Attorneys.

Community Advice Clinics—community locations convenient for clients

Attorneys volunteer for 2-3 hours to provide information and brief direction so people can address legal issues and benefit from social services and rehabilitation programs.

HIV/AIDS Law Project Consultations

Attorneys assist individuals with HIV or AIDS who need basic estate planning help or consultations on other legal issues.  Volunteers meet with clients in their own office or make home or hospital visits.  Training and documents are provided.

Children’s Law Center Assistance to Children

Attorneys work with VLP’s Children’s Law Center to serve as guardians ad litem/court advisors for children in family court, advise teens, help relatives seeking guardianship, finalize adoptions, or present to groups of teens. Training, materials and consultants.

Employment Consultations

Attorneys spend 1-2 hours to interview and provide brief advice to people with low incomes who have employment law issues.

Representation of Victims of Domestic Violence

Attorneys represent victims of domestic violence who need help obtaining court orders to protect themselves and their children and obtain custody and support. VLP arranges donated support services from investigators, court reporters, and others to avoid litigation expenses.  State bar CLE registration waivers available for representation of domestic violence victims.

Direct Representation for Eligible Low Income Clients with Merit

Attorneys represent low income clients on meritorious cases screened by volunteer attorneys that include such issues as consumer fraud, contracts, debt collection, foreclosure prevention, guardianship of incapacitated adults, home ownership, tenants’ rights, and tort defense. VLP provides primary malpractice coverage, donated services to avoid litigation costs, mentors, consultants, CLE discounts, and training. Some cases can be completed in 10 hours or less.

Transactional Assistance to Non-Profits (Arizona Community Legal Assistance)

Attorneys provide transactional assistance to new and existing non-profit organizations that  serve people with low incomes or children and cannot afford to hire attorneys.  Issues include formation, incorporation, obtaining tax exempt status, personnel matters, contracts, tax, real estate transactions, affordable housing, and economic development.

Mentors and Consultants

Attorneys with specialized knowledge assist other attorneys by working together on cases or being available for consultations.


Volunteer attorneys prepare and present free Continuing Legal Education seminars for volunteer attorneys on numerous legal issues.

Group Presentations

Attorneys provide presentations on family law issues, foreclosures, landlord-tenant law, preparing for court hearings, and other topics to help people prevent or resolve problems.

Statewide Website Contributors, Consultants & Substantive Experts

Volunteers are needed to work with the statewide website AZLawHelp.org to develop and update legal reference materials for clients and advocates and assist with website administration.


Provide financial support for pro-bono and legal services programs that increase access to justice.

Ready to get involved?

To volunteer or obtain more information, please contact the VLP at 602.254.4714